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Best Practices in the Spa

For health reasons, access to the spa is strongly not recommended for children under 12, even accompanied by an adult.


  1. The Wellness Area is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. only on reservation (see table of reservation times at the reception of the rooms).
  2. Access to and use of this relaxation area is strictly reserved for owners and tenants of guest rooms. Any derogation from this rule can only be made with the formal agreement of the owners.
  3. The Wellness Area is based on rest and relaxation. Please respect the discretion required, particularly with regard to the choice of background music and its volume.
  4. It is forbidden to eat, drink and smoke in the Wellness area.
  5. Wearing a dedicated bathing suit, clean and fitted is imperative. Naturism in the relaxation area is prohibited without explicit derogation from the owners.
  6. The owners of "Les Enclos Secrets" reserve the right to exclude and prohibit entry into the Wellness area to any person whose behavior would go against these rules.


The spa water is changed regularly and checked and balanced daily to guarantee the best possible health safety.

Disinfectants found in spa water, including bromine, are potentially harmful to the skin, hair, and respiratory tract over the long term.

You probably don't want to bathe in culture broth or harm your health so please adhere to, at a minimum, the following common sense rules:

  1. Do not exceed the maximum capacity of the jacuzzi, i.e. 6 people, nor the maximum use time per session of 45 minutes.
  2. It is imperative to shower and soap yourself just before each entry into the spa.
  3. No make-up, no sunscreen or any product whatsoever on the body or hair.
  4. Long and/or dyed hair must be tied up and up.
  5. It is forbidden to immerse the head in the water of the spa.


– During pregnancy: The use of the spa can be detrimental to the proper development of the fetus.

Limit use to 10 minutes each time.

– The use of the spa is prohibited for people with cardiovascular disease or any other medical contraindication.

Prevention of drowning: the heat of the water reinforces the effects of alcohol, drugs or medication and can cause unconsciousness. Exit the spa immediately if you feel uncomfortable or sleepy.

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