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Under the authority of its president, Mrs. Carole DELGA and through the service of the Tourism and Spa Department, the Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region has joined and supported the project to create “Secret Enclosures” by granting it a generous grant. What is here sincerely thanked.

Represented by Ms Séverine CREUX and Ms Brenda DUPIAS, the Lot Chamber of Commerce and Industry was of great help to us when drafting the grant application file for the Occitanie Region. Big thanks to them.

Interior architect and project manager. Graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Toulouse. Certified by the French Council of Interior Architects (CFAI) n ° 702.

And by order of entry of the Dream Team

Sébastien LANDES (46500 BIO): Pruning with the faithful Patrice under the rain in full confinement.

Philippe ABILLA (46320 Issepts): General Masonry and Large Building Work

Frédéric PATTE (46100 Fons): Stone cutting - Sculpture - Heritage restoration

Francis DELRIEU (46210 Montet et Bouxal): Earthworks and Sanitation / STAP airlock

François BREIL (46320 Brengues): Framing and Roofing / Ets BREIL Frères

Christian BREIL (46320 Brengues): Interior and Exterior Joinery / Ets BREIL Frères

Nicolas LEOCADIO (46160 Gréalou): Plastering - Drywall - Insulation / LEOPLATRE sarl

Christian QUINTARD (46320 Brengues): General Plumbing - Heating

Patrick SINGLARD (46100 Figeac): General Electricity

Jean-Claude THOMAS (46320 Livernon): Fluid Shawl / QUERCY FLUID CHAPE

Rémi BRUEL (46100 Figeac): Metalwork - Ironwork - Restoration / METALLERIE BRUEL sarl

David ASTOR (46320 Issepts): Ironwork / QUERCY FER

David FORTIN (46130 Loubressac): Carrelages, assisted by Philippe CLARA (46120 Leyme)

Emmanuel FAYT (46120 Théminettes): Cabinetmaking - Kitchen designer

Vincent RÉVEILLAC (4630 Livernon): Masonry

Sébastien LANDES (46500 BIO): Landscaper, supported by his friendly team. At the beginning and at the end!

For their participation in this website:

Alexis MESTRE (46200 Souillac): Photographer

Bastien PROUDHOM : Occasional webmaster and full-time nephew

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